Fact Sheet Template Sample

The Fact Sheet Template Sample, The Template of Supplement Document of A News Release

This fact sheet template sample can be beneficial for you to create the document to release the news about your company, including the product, statistical result, etc.


When a public relations department is asked to inform the society about a company, a fact sheet template sample is one of the essential documents done. This template will assess the needs of the company in informing about the products. The data of technical as well as the results of the statistic of the company. Sometimes, the template is about the educational material and the answers of the FAQ of the public.


The Definition of Fact Sheet Template

Before making a fact sheet template sample, it is essential to know about what it is. The fact sheet template is about the document that is usually known as one-sheet, information sheet, or white paper.


This is to present relevant information about a company. This template can be about a concise summary, which is to represent a report or other comprehensive documents. This template is usually published publicly by the department of public relations.

1.     The length of the fact sheet template sample

This document is often about 1 or 2 pages that contain the persons, the objects, the location, the date and time, and the structure of the news that is related to the business and organization. This length is to make people interested in reading the news.

2.     Why we need to use the fact sheet

Fact sheets can be the easiest and most efficient document to be communicated at work and to inform the public about the company’s progress or other problems. There are many reasons to use this template, such as:

  • It is short and to the point. The information given in this template is the relevant information so that the message is delivered well.
  • It can make people easy to read, as well as to understand. This template should be formatted and designed creatively so that it is eye-catching on the websites or other media.
  • It’s cheap to produce since it should not be fancy but informative.
  • It can save effort and time at once to read it because the template is to the point.


Here are the tips before you start making it. That is, you have to think of the essential issues to be put in the fact sheet template sample before you put others else. Then, you need to highlight it or list them on a paper to aim to decide the first issue taken on the template

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